Undoing Amerika's Torment of Vietnam Veterans



Dr. Turner's book provides Vietnam Veterans with an understanding of how social, political, and cultural factors aggravated the clinical symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder for over 40 years of post deployment readjustment. His work extends the conventional treatment of PTSD by providing Vietnam Veterans with a multi-disciplinary treatment strategy. This approach includes the use of knowledge, social support, personality, medication and sobriety, spirituality, and politics and ethics to help heal the mental and emotional injuries brought on by the aversive social environment that many Vietnam Veterans confronted when coming home. The insights and practical treatment recommendations found in Dr. Turner's work reflect his background in psychology, international relations, and especially his clinical experience in working with hundreds of Vietnam Veterans who have suffered, often silently, from PTSD. Vietnam Veterans will find simple, practical, and effective coping interventions for this complex psychological problem caused by the combination of exposure to traumatic environments during military service and a post deployment domestic setting that tormented America's protectors. Veterans, their families, and civilians alike will find Dr. Turner's book a useful tool in helping undo the psychological brain washing inflicted upon Vietnam Veterans by members of the American Radical Left movement during the 1960s. After reading his book, you will never look at PTSD the same way again.
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Dr. Turner has created an audio version of his book, "Post Traumatic Shame Disorder:  A Manual for Undoing Amerika's Torment of Vietnam Veterans."  The complete book is read in full by Dr. Turner himself with the excitement and dedication he shares every day with Veterans.  You will find it to be a compelling and entertaining way to cover all of the topics Dr. Turner felt were important to help in the healing and recovery of America's Vietnam Veterans.
It is offered in CD format for your convenience. 
Dr. Turner will be personally narrating the book.
COMING SOON!  November, 2012.